Berhane Demessie, Seattle, WA
Choir Manager

Berhane Demessie joined Bethel Music Ministry in May 1998. As a member of
the Bethel Choir, she has been preparing our choir songbooks without any
assistance since the inception of Bethel Choir. Berhane is a faithful member of
the Bethel family, and without a doubt, she’s like a mother figure to all
In addition to serving our members, Berhane has been involved in various roles
with her local church, Medhani-Alem Ethiopian Evangelical Church of Seattle,
WA for over 25 years.

Aquila Shimeles, Silver Spring, MD
Band Coordinator

Aquila Shimeles joined Bethel Music Ministry in November 2012. As a member
of the Bethel Praise & Worship Band, Aquila has been part of the team and has
helped lead the band to unprecedented growth. A graduate of Yared School of
Music, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and the University of Addis Ababa. Aquila has
served as a church musician in Ethiopia and here in the USA. Church music has
always been his musical focus and passion; he believes that music is a gift from
God that we are to share with others.

Yadi Gref, Gettysburg, MD
Choir Coordinator

Yadi has been a member at Bethel Music Ministry since 2012 and came on as
the coordinator of Bethe Praise & Worship Choir in 2015.
Yadi is our primary contact for pre-trip logistics from hotel reservations,
uniforms, billing inquiries and more, she is our liaison to the behind-the-scenes
Bethel team. Yadi also works closely with worship/band coordinators to make
sure the choir is up-to-date on conference trips and other important news
including member maintenance. If you are a new member of our choir, Yadi is
the one makes members feel welcome.
Apart from serving in the Bethel Music ministry, Yadi also serves as a worship
leader at her local church, IEEC of Washington, D.C.

Biruk Hailu,
Worship Coordinator

Biruk Hailu joined Bethel Music Ministry in May 2008 and has been the
Worship coordinator since May 2010. He has been a part of the Bethel
Praise & Worship team and leading people into the presence of the
Lord through powerful praise and worship services.
Biruk’s passion and pure love for singing and lifting words of praise to
Jesus encourage and blesses many. Biruk hope is that God is glorified
through what he does and he never loses sight of the reason why he
sings and leads worship. Biruk is married to his loving wife Ruth Abebe
and has been blessed with a beautiful daughter.
Biruk is also a worship and Choir leader at his local church Addis Kidan
Evangelical Church of Denver, CO.

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